Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DPI in Corel Paint Shop Pro X?

I am designing a poster for a contest, and a requirement is that it be in 300dpi.

I have no idea how to work with image resolution and I'm not too sure what to do.

I am using a fujifilm FinePix camera with 8.2 megapixels and will be combining two photos with corel.

If anybody knows how to change or preserve the dpi to be 300 please help me out! thanks~!DPI in Corel Paint Shop Pro X?
OK...First, make sure your camera is taking photos at its highest quality.

The rule is that the background and all photos that are placed on that background must be the same resolution. It's not difficult but it seems kind of mysterious at first;-)

If you're going to use a new document for the background, just make sure Resolution in the New File dialog is 300 pixels/inch.

For your photos:

Image%26gt;Resize and a dialog pops up. This dialog has three sections: Print Size, Pixel Dimensions and Advanced Settings. In Print Size, Resolution = 300 Pixels/inch. If if says some other number, change it.

You're probably not used to working with Pixel Dimensions so we'll ignore it.

Make sure Advanced Settings is checked. Check Resample Using and select Smart Sample from the drop down. Check Lock Aspect Ratio. Check Reset All Layers.

Depending on the size of your poster (I hope it's not too much bigger than your photos), you might have to use the middle section - increase the pixel dimensions. Stretching a small photo using the Move Tool tends to distort it although PSP does a better job of it than Photoshop.

If you need a much bigger photo go back to Image%26gt;Resize again, leave all the other settings alone, and, working in the Pixel Dimensions section, increase the height or width X2. You only have to do one or the other but not both because the aspect ratio is locked so if one changes the other will change just the right amount - Yea!:-) If the poster you're supposed to make is a lot bigger than your photos, you might do this one more time but doing it more than twice might distort your photo. Try it and if it doesn't work, there's always the good old Undo icon.

You'll get used to the Image%26gt;Resize dialog. It's the second thing everyone who edits photos does right after they make a duplicate to work on. (Rule One: Never work with the original photo)

Have Fun! (Don't worry....we've all been where you are and we survived;-)

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