Friday, November 19, 2010

How can i manually change resolution/size?

please help!!???

i desperately need to change my photo's resolution or size.

my photographer said id be able to do it by simply changing the size on photo but when you go on to change it the only option is to CROP photo?

any ideas how i can do it? is resolution the size of photo or something else?

the details of photo are below?

i need the photo to be 10x 8 size

Height 1663 pixels

dimensions 1186 x 1663

horizontal resolution 72 dpi

vertical resolution 72 dpi

width 1663

bit depth 24How can i manually change resolution/size?
Is this a photo you have on your computer or is it online? Can you download the file if needed? What program are you using?


This is simple to do, ask the photographer to do it.


Okay, your original is too small. At the resolution listed, it would be about 150ppi when enlarged to 8x10. Some printers won't print an 8x10 at less than 200ppi and most prefer 300ppi for good quality.

You need a higher resolution picture from your photographer.How can i manually change resolution/size?
First off why do you need to change the size and what are you changing it for? If you are just going to print this you don't need to bother. Your computer or the machines at a processor will do it for you automatically. They will crop them automatically though. If you want to change the size for web use or to do any cropping yourself then you need an editing program of some sort. You can then specify the size or resolution you want them at.

Your camera can use a smaller resolution as well. On the menu just press the quality button and choose a smaller size. I don't recommend this because once it is small you can't make it bigger. You can always make it smaller though.
First of all, your image is not the proper proportion for 8x10. You will need to crop it on the long side to 1482x1186.

After you crop it (or while), you want to find the image size option in the menu of your photo-processing program. In Photoshop Elements, it's under Image/Resize/Image Size (not canvas). Click on constrain proportions and resample image and change the document size to 8x10.

Other programs will do it similarly, but the menu might be different.
Someplace in your photo editing program there has to be a RE-Size menu or button. Crop won't work as you know...

Re-sampling, re-sizing, it may have different names besides Crop. However, your sizes shown are well enuf for a 8x10 as they are.

A 8x10 normally needs at least 1600x2000 pixels to be good and your image is close enuf to make a fair, but maybe a lil pixelly, 8x10..

But, if you find where you can re-size the image in your program, you could tell the program to re-size the 1663 side to 2000 but make sure you have the Keep Aspect Ratio turn on and all will be fine and dandy. Don't worry about anything else except pixel count and then tell your image editing program you want a 8x10 to be printed and go for it. You should have a - Set Up - when you command the Print to start and in Set Up you will have the ability to position your image on your 'paper' as well as select the size of paper.

If, by some chance your image editing program does NOT allow these things, it is time my friend to get one that does...!

Bob - Tucson

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