Sunday, November 14, 2010

How do I change this image to 300 dpi?

I really need to change a 2x2 image to 300 dpi without completely re-doing it.

I tried on but the resolution was terrible! How do I change the image to 300 dpi without ruining the image's resolution?

Also, I can't but a program to do this. The program that you suggest must be free.

Thanks!How do I change this image to 300 dpi?
what resolution is the 2x2 image? You can only decrease the number of pixels. While programs will also let you increase the number of pixels, you don't gain any resolution because no program can correctly come up with more detail which wasn't present in the first place.

dpi stands for dots per inch, it is not really correlated to image size as you can have any number of dots (pixels) per inch. For a 2x2 inch image it will need to be 600x600 pixels large for a 300dpi setting.

Paint should do it as well, but probably your image did not have the required resolution. It will be probably faster and better to redo it.How do I change this image to 300 dpi?
try gimp, though depends what resolution is already, if an image is at 2x2 inches small, the resolution can still be high, view image size for properties, if low at 72 for resolution, then you can increase to 300, yet the clarity will not improve,

Gimp ~image editor,




VicMan's Photo Editor


i suggest with it being small you print it out and then scan it with a higher DPI!

don't always work!

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